Philip Ogden

Roles: Lead Designer, Senior Programmer, Lead MSPaint Artist, Voice of Johnny Outlaw.

First in war, first in peace, and first on the Johnny Outlaw staff page.

Maestro Matt Dunn

Roles: Composer.

Years ago, Maestro Dunn was the toast of Europe, heralded as a messianic figure in the music world. The young composer brought a welcome vivacity to his craft, and sought to unite the fragmented genres into one ultimate style. But his ambitions soon overwhelmed him, and Maestro Dunn vanished from the public eye. Dread enveloped the world like a fog. But Maestro Dunn has at last returned to the music scene! He had been hiding away in the Tengboche monastery, deep within the mountains of Nepal. There, he contemplated the meanings of silence and sound for years, perfecting their balance, resolving their differences. He emerged when the final truth was revealed to him: that enlightenment comes through writing cowboy music for video games.

Nicholas Dante Piacenza

Roles: Website Creator, Programmer, Designer.

Being the only member of the Johnny Outlaw Team with programming experience, his work was commissioned at the entire cost of the development budget, that budget being a medium pepperoni pizza at Dominos. He is still waiting for his pizza to arrive.

Dan Ciurczak

Roles: Former Concept Artist.

A veritable mountain of a man just waiting to be climbed, Dan's sole mission in life was to become the greatest artist of all time. But, soon after starting at Outlaw Studios, Dan realized his career was peaking too early. If he were to complete Johnny Outlaw, his life's work would be over. He had to pursue lesser artistic ventures while they still held some semblance of meaning. He took with him a pad of paper and a pocket full of dreams and left us with only the promise to return.